Maybe It’s The Best Time

Spam Poetry Project: Tani V is a Hawaiian gal longing for love and can only find it with me (apparently).

The Spam Poetry Project

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What They Were Pitching:
Online Dating (I Think)

It seems that sender Tani V is one very poetic Hawaiian gal who is longing for love and can only find it with me (apparently).

Aloha, my dear friend,
Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is. Sweetheart, I sent a kiss on a refreshing wind: the kiss howled across the plaints and flowers; it brushed the underbrush; it stroked the cattails; it kicked up a dust storm; it made the cactus bristle; it teased the lilies; it snuck across the shore and stirred the ocean; and whipped through sails, it picked up the scent of gardenias and honeysuckle; it wrote, “I need you” in the clouds… and finally it arrived at your door hoping to find you because I am looking for you, my love.

Tani V

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