Ataque de Pánico!

People of Uruguay panic as giant robots attack. A sci-fi action short with impressive special effects that may be the next high-profit, low-budget smash.

In this short film Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) directed by Fede Alvarez for Murdoc Films, giant alien robots attack the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Why? Because that’s what giant alien robots do.

It’s a remarkable sci-fi suspense and action short with impressive special effects. Although I may have seen a few of the extras smiling.

The buzz is that this was made for between $300 and $500 (depending on which blogs you read). Whatever the budget, Ataque de Pánico! has helped Alvarez land a multi-million dollar gig with Sam Raimi’s company Ghost House Pictures.

In a move more and more common in Hollywood, Raimi is hoping that this relatively unknown filmmaker will be the next to make a high-profit, low-budget smash (i.e. El Mariachi, Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, and District 9).

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