Hoboken Unsigned III

The third installment of Hoboken Unsigned at The Goldhawk

A great night of hanging out as host Dave Entwistle filled in for a cancellation with what he called a ‘three pint sensation’. And Hey tiger gave us a delightfully loose, informal set of their memorable tunes.

The third installment of Hoboken Unsigned at The Goldhawk

The original line up tonight was to include Emily Greene from Boston. Unfortunately she was forced to cancel. I do hope she’ll make it down at some point.

All was not lost when I saw host Dave Entwistle. He told me that he’d be filling in with a set he called his ‘three pint sensation’. Of course he had nothing to worry about. The rain-ducking crowd at The Goldhawk (936 Park Ave, Hoboken) happily grooved to his songs and listened to his stories as his wife Hillary playfully heckled from the door. I love the ‘at-home’ feel Dave’s events always seem to have.

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Hey Tiger’s set was delightfully loose and informal. Their new, more laid back style allows their memorable tunes to connect with the listener on an even more personal level. And in those moments when their rock roots would show themselves, we were never caught off guard. The ebb and flow from sweet to rockin’ songs and back felt perfectly natural. And the band (Josh Bicknell on drums, Wayne Dorell on guitar/ keyboards, Jim Lovegrove on bass) laid out the perfect plane for singer Christina Alessi’s powerfully soulful voice.

An important aspect of these nights is when Dave engages the bands in between songs to pick their brains about the songwriting process and such. Like ‘Inside The Actors Studio’ only way more interesting. One great moment came when at one point Dave reminisced about the days when Christina and Hey Tiger at the early open mic days at the now defunct Rodeo/Ristra Lounge. Another happened as we watched the band was working out an old song that was requested. Dave noted, “It’s like we’re all in our living room but instead of TV, we have a band.”

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