8-Year-Old Girl Shreds on Guitar

Young Zoe Thomson kicks major ass and makes me wanna just smash my guitar

I picked up guitar to play a little bit tonight. I don’t do that very often these days. It’s a way for me to meditate and relax and I tend to feel good about myself when I’m done.

But of course I then had to go and watch a video of 8-year-old Zoe Thomson playing along with ‘Stratosphere’ by Stratovarius. It kinda made me wanna smash my guitar.

Seriously, what the fuck was I doing at 8 years old? Certainly not this. Maybe I should have been instead of (I dunno) playing baseball or jumping garbage cans on my bike or partaking in the wholesome fun of something my friends and I called ‘Demolition Skateboards’.

This young lady from the UK kicks major ass. Zoe started playing guitar at 5 years old and is now in a band called The Mini Band. They mostly do the kind of schlock rock that the guys in Metallica enjoy (no … really).

With talent like this at such a young age, I only hope Zoe and the other members take their music to a higher place. Just look at that calm confidence that no 8-year-old should have. I know I didn’t have it then. Hell, I barely have it now.

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