9/11: Fifteen Years Later

It’s been 15 years. What have we become? What will we become? Is all hope for a better America lost? It sure seems that way to me.

Fifteen years have past and still:

  • We hate more than we love.
  • We accuse more than we assist.
  • We hurt more than we help.
  • We ignore more than we listen.
  • We talk and talk and talk and talk.
  • We support an inexperienced bigot just because he speaks his mind.
  • We support a politician just because she’s a woman.
  • We exercise our freedom of expression by condemning those who do the same.
  • We continue to be torn apart by religion and self-righteousness.
  • We give no importance to the arts in school.
  • We cry at our children’s pointless existence.
  • We blame everyone else for our actions.
  • We blame everyone else for their own actions.
  • We are right and everyone else is wrong.
  • We wear hats made in China emblazoned with ‘Make America Great Again’.

We are lost.

And it’s getting worse.

On that horrific day in 2001, we came together. We hugged and cried with total strangers. There was a sense that we would pull thru and be stronger than ever. Then it began to change.

Our government lied to drag us into an unnecessary war. The media began to pigeonhole one religious group, fine tuning their hatred. Soon we forgot about the hugs and the tears. Soon we were being corralled into a field of vengeance. All that mattered was getting the bad guys, but the bad guys were a fictitious manifestation of a media being further controlled by a small number of special interest groups.

And it’s getting worse.

There’s a very good chance that a blowhard bigot with zero experience in the public sector will be our president because enough of us drank the Kool-Aid.

What happened to us? We don’t even ask how this man will make us great, we’re just happy to hear the words. We now think back on that day in 2001 and — instead of remembering how we joined hands to make things better — we accept his cries to condemn an entire religion because we’ve stopped thinking. We’ve given up control to those who claim they will give it back to us someday.

And it’s getting worse.

But I will continue as I have for the past 15 years.

I will remember the friends I lost.

I will hope that we as a people can come together again and hug.

And I will continue to Imagine a better world.

  • Let’s cry together.
  • Let’s laugh together.
  • Let’s stop making it worse.


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