9/11: Seventeen Years Later

And here I am again. Finding myself wondering what happened to my America. Where did love and compassion go? Will we find it again?

It seems appropriate that this anniversary — the second one to be on a Tuesday — should be a gray, miserable day. America has been in a gray, miserable mood for some time now. More divided than ever.

Families torn apart.
Friends no longer friends.
Emboldened racists taunting innocents.
Political correctness running rampant.
Political incorrectness running rampant.
Feelings too easily hurt by nonsense as atrocities are committed in plain sight.

And all the while we say, “Never forget.”

Well, I’m sorry to say that most of my fellow Americans forgot a long time ago.

Rather than trying to actually make the country better, we bicker over which side of the political or religious spectrum we support or serve.

When people ask me, “What religion are you?”
I reply, “I don’t know.”

When people ask me, “What political party do you support?”
I reply, “I don’t know.”

When people ask me, “Does science have all the answers?”
I reply, “I don’t know.”

Not knowing is OK.
Not knowing is normal.
Not knowing is step one to learning.

I like learning.

I respect the differences between us.
I want to learn more about you.
I don’t expect you to conform to my beliefs.
You should not expect me to do the same.

So, each year when I post this video of ‘Imagine’, it’s because I desperately want John’s words to come to life. I want them to become truth.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

Maybe we’ll be better next year.


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