9/11: Sixteen Years Later

Sixteen years and it’s becoming clear that America is finally forgetting what it is we keep being told to never forget.

In the midst of all of the “Never Forget” memes and prayers and whatnot, I can’t help but be disgusted by so many of my fellow Americans. Did we forget what we were supposed to never forget?

If you have such hate in your heart for someone who is different than you, then what the fuck are you “Never Forgetting”?

Did you forget that what happened on that day 16 years ago was done out of hate?

Did you forget how we came together — however briefly — as a nation to heal?

Did you forget your religion?

Did you forget the teachings of your savior?

I look around me and I’m sick.

Sick of the hate.

Sick of the political correctness.

Sick of the pointless fighting.

Sick of the clueless minions who can’t distinguish one religious group from another.

Sick of the clueless minions who can’t even remember who was president on 9/11.

And I don’t know how to make it better.

Each passing year our collective memory gets worse.

Stop the memes and open your eyes.

Stop the prayers and open your arms.

Stop the hate. Just stop it.

We could lose all of what we have tomorrow, and for what?

Seriously. For fucking what?!

As always, I leave you with this. Imagine Peace . . .

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