Beckham Boosts Lego Sales 633%

Business is a funny thing. A whimsical remark by a sports star can change everything in a flash

Business is a funny thing. Sometimes a company will scrape and peck for any chance to see an increase in sales. Other times, a whimsical remark made by a sports superstar can change everything in a flash.

David Beckham recently commented to fans how much he loves Legos. He even went so far as to say, if he wasn’t a footballer, he’d want to be a Lego Model Builder. Wait, is that a real job? I should apply. Anyway…

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One of the models Beckham has built is the insanely complex Taj Mahal. It cost $300 and has 5,922 pieces! Available only online, it’s intended for advanced builders.

None of this would mean anything if not for what happened next. Lego sales for their Taj Mahal skyrocketed an astounding 633% in one day!

The lesson learned should be that endorsements work. Particularly unsolicited ones that are offered off the cuff to a bunch of fans in a casual way. They are more honest than paid endorsements in the eyes of the public.

Of course paying someone to say how great you are is easier. However, if you work to keep your standards high and never compromise the quality of your work, the freebie kudos will come eventually and be more valuable than any other kind.

So, do you think you can Build it like Beckham (huh, huh, clever … right)?

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