Delivery Status Notification (Delay)

Spam Poetry: Originally sent in Chinese, my curiosity just had to have this translated. I’m so glad I did. What a gem of beat greatness.

What They Were Pitching:
I honestly have no idea, but I’m guessing sex aids/pills.

Systems are classified in a letter to the junk mail folder shielding link
If you want to click on the link in the mail
Please copy the following URL and visible commodity
Or mail inbox will be classified as normal letters click the link
Soulmate fun boutique
Playing with sex toys industry coffee – the country’s largest
Couple joy Supplies / playing RPG
G-spot orgasm Area / electric masturbation
Orgasm secrets – Viagra soft
Provides delivery to the House, more payment convenience store pickup
Convenient shopping, packing super-secret, do not worry about awkward questions
Please copy the URL can not link

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