JC Fridays: LDO Photo Exhibit

Live music and great photos take center stage to raise awareness of women’s rights at an event in Jersey City

December 3, 2010: This was a great night in Jersey City. Not only were we there to see the wonderful photos of Laura Desantis-Olsson and support the work of Global Fund for Women, we were there to enjoy great music and fun with our friends.

Me at GFW 2010 Maxwell’s Hoboken

This is just one of the great photos Laura has taken at the Global Fund For Women benefit shows at Maxwell’s (1039 Washington St, Hoboken). I’m kinda partial to it (and my outfit). She has generously donated her time and talent to support these events and her photos really brought out the spirit of each night.

Tonight’s event was presented by Clueless Events, a group formed by myself and musician Nelson Pla. The idea behind the group (and indeed this event) is to raise awareness of the work of Global Fund for Women. As we’ve done at the bigger benefit shows each April, the message was delivered thru music. And on this night, the music was delivered in style by Allison Tartalia, Lloyd United and Las Vandeleys.

Click for more photos of the bands

Attendees also had the chance and were encouraged to tape segments for some upcoming public service announcement videos. I’m pleased to say, we had quite a few who could not resist jumping in front of the camera.

The point of this and other Clueless Events is that you can open people’s eyes up to both the problems and solutions in the world without yammering on or begging for money. As a matter of fact, this was not a fundraiser. We did not ask for any money to be donated. All we asked for was some time together and a few words on video.

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights.
If you don’t understand this, then you are clueless”

This all took place at Art House Productions (1 McWilliams Place, 6th floor Jersey City, NJ) as part of the long-running art and music event called JC Fridays. They are an amazing group, able to stage a myriad of shows, plays and events in their multi-purpose space. Our host for tonight’s event was Art House’s Artistic Director (and a most masterful master of ceremonies) Jack Halpin.

I can’t wait for the next event. What and where will it be? Well, we’re still working on that. Keep checking over at Clueless Events for details.

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