Shut The Fuck Up and VOTE!!!

The problem isn’t who you support or what you believe. The problem is your apathy. Stop complaining and do something.

For a while now in Hoboken, there has been a heated debate going on about the use and ownership of a particular parcel of land (and river). The details of which are not relevant to the point I’m making here. However, a conversation with one of my neighbors is very much relevant.

Early in our discussion, it became apparent that we were in agreement on how the real estate should be used. However, things quickly took a strange turn. Despite being on my page, she told me that, if this were put to the public to decide, she wouldn’t vote for our mutually agreed upon outcome.



She was not at all convinced that voting for what she wanted would in fact insure that the party she supports would actually do the thing they were tasked to do if they were to win. In her words, “I know politicians and I don’t trust them.”

Fair enough, however my reply was that I am not of the ‘Throw Your Hands Up and Give Up’ crowd. The fact that she knows what’s right and believes that this one party is the only one to do what’s right wasn’t enough. The distant faint possibility that they may turncoat and do the opposite thing was what drove her decision.

And therein lies the the seed for all the things that are wrong with our world today.

Apathy. Plain and simple.

It may seem like an old cliche, but the truth is; If you don’t vote, nothing will ever change. Also; If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

If you feel the system is rigged, then work to change it. The founding of this country was based on We The People having the lion’s share of power. It’s only thru our own inaction that the power was taken from us. So get out there and make your voice heard. No matter what your position may be.

In an unrelated story; I had an interesting back and forth with someone on social media. Back in October, I posted that it was the last day to register to vote in New Jersey. This person told me there was no way this could be true because the election was over a year away. I was amazed that they somehow didn’t realize that there were in fact elections every year.

How do people — adults — in this day and age not know there are more than only presidential elections? It never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, the point is … VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION!

Educate yourself. Find out the when, where, why, and how of your local, state, and national elections. Nothing will change if apathy is your go-to mode. Sure, some election days may have names that make them sound unimportant. Such as 2019’s Off-Year Election (Nov 5). However, they are ALL important. Every election impacts the life of every taxpayer.

A great resource (aside from your state’s own website) is

Know your rights! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t vote. Every citizen (over the age of 18) has the right to vote in every election. Learn how to protect yourself and your voice. Read ‘Election Protection’ from for more information.

So … go out and vote or shut the fuck up.


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