‘Angels’ iPhone Video by Lindi Ortega

Canadian songstress creates a really cool video with a vintage 8mm feel

I’m no Apple fanboy but, the iPhone is pretty awesome. I proudly stuck with the limitations of AT&T because I wanted to upgrade from my first-gen iPhone to the iPhone 4. It’s been a mutli-year affair. And now, the lovely and talented Lindi Ortega has given me a reason to love the iPhone even more with her inventive, vintage-looking video.

Created using the 8mm Vintage Camera app from Nexvio, the choppy imagery of the video lends a fitting, old-fashioned look to her song. Simple and honest, ‘Angels’ is a fine example of Lindi’s own individual take on an alt-country style. Stark guitar under the voice of what is a tortured yet somehow hopeful soul. A lost angel looking for other angels.

The 8mm Vintage Camera app is pretty neat. With it, you can make your video look like it came from a number of eras. There are different lens and film options as well as a handy ‘jitter’ button. Some complaints center around how it focuses on the grainy, lo-fi aspects of 8mm film. But, I think that’s exactly what makes this app so cool.

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