Will Thorne & Swift Face Off On Facebook?

Singer/songwriter Tracy Thorne challenges Taylor Swift to a song off

Girl Fight: Thorne vs Swift

There are few things I enjoy more than watching two girls fight. OK, that’s not true, really. Well, unless they are fighting over me, which they rarely do. Unless you count fighting to figure out better ways to avoid contact with me. I’m not counting that.

In this case, I’m talking about a good old-fashioned song off between to singer/songwriters who just happen to be girls. Recently, Tracy Thorne publicly challenged Taylor Swift to get together and throw down with guitars in hand.

Pointing out a few similarities between the two (blond, squinty, Nashville, etc) Thorne’s challenge hit the Facebook airwaves. As of yet, there’s been no reply from Swift, but who knows what the future could bring.

I admit to having my own selfish reasons for wanting to see these two face off on stage. I think Tracy Thorne is an amazing talent with mature songs of love and life that could wipe the floor with the perky and adorable popness of Taylor Swift.

People tell me Swift is talented, but is she up for a public showdown such as this? Nah, I bet she’ll need convincing. Whether you’re a fan of Thorne or Swift or both, you can help make this challenge happen. If for no other reason, then just for fun. Don’t you wanna have fun with a couple of blonds with guitars? I know I do.

Everyone, go to Facebook and Like the page “Taylor Swift: I challenge thee to a song off. xo- Tracy Thorne” now. Leave comments, too.

While you’re at it, pop over to Twitter and see if you can get Kanye West involved.

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