WTF Lock of Hair?

Quite possibly the strangest promo ever
As a writer, I’ve gotten some strange promos in the mail before. However, this one is the strangest.

Quite possibly the strangest promo ever

As a writer, I’ve seen some pretty strange promos come in the mail before. I once got an empty (yet sealed) beer can from Coors. Several bottles of Hint flavored water (appropriately) delivered in a waste basket. Brass knuckles, piano wire and a cigar promoting some video game. However, this one is the strangest.

In a silver tin box, there was nothing but a lock of hair and a playing card from Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was not about to open the ziplock baggie to see if the hair was real. The thought of it is making me gag as I type. On the back of the card were various hair facts about Troy.

Since there was no mention of whatever product they were trying to pitch, I can only assume that it has more to do with hair than football. There was a website mentioned (which I won’t publish since I’m not trying to promote anything) that will not go live until August 31.

And … yeah, like I’m gonna wait to find out!

It seems like a waste of time, money and resources to send out such a cryptic package that has done nothing but befuddle and anger me.

The tin may come in handy though.

Anyone want the hair?

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