9/11: Eleven Years Later

Let go of fear and hatred. Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Live your life as if you have no enemies. Let kindness take the place of meanness.

It’s been eleven years. I can hardly even imagine that. Eleven years? It can’t be. I start to think of all the things that have happened in my life since that tragic day. Most of the time I say to myself, “Oh there is no way (such and such) happened after 9/11.” And yet…

So here we are again in what is unbelievably our third presidential election year since that wretched Tuesday. You can count the time in whatever increment you want. Days. Years. Minutes. For me, the fact that it is an election year has no real significance to the memory of that day other than really pointing out how much time has past.

To keep a promise I made last year to avoid voicing my usual anger toward fear mongers and conspiracy theorists, I will once again simply ask you all to remember. To honor those lost by doing something good. If we want to avoid these kinds of hateful acts in the future, the only really answer is kindness. Yeah yeah it’s corny, but it can work.

Give to a charity.

Smile at a baby.

Help someone with a heavy package.

Keep it simple and you can make it monumental. We’ve gotten so accustomed to meanness that kindness tends to be too easily forgotten. Don’t forget it. Live your life as if you have no enemies. I’m not saying you won’t have enemies. I’m just saying that you won’t notice them and they will get tired of trying to get your attention.

Be happy.

Love your neighbor.

Love yourself.

Let’s not wait for the political heads of the world to figure this out. Chances are, they never will. But there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them. So let’s do it. You and me and him and her and whoever else. One simple step at a time.

Tip Jar Fundraiser
As I did last year, I’m hosting a fundraiser at my li’l cafe in Hoboken:

Come to D’s Soul Full Cafe (918 Willow Ave Hoboken) on Tuesday 9/11/12 for our 9/11 Tip Jar Fundraiser. All tips left in the D’s Soul Full Cafe Tip Jar will be donated to a very special organization called World Cares Center.

About World Cares Center:
World Cares Center was founded in the aftermath of 9/11. Throughout its decade of service, WCC has provided assistance to responders, volunteers, and survivors affected by 9/11, and continues to guide all levels within communities to respond effectively and collaboratively in the face of disasters. This “whole of community” inclusive approach leads to a more resilient recovery.

World Cares Center’s mission is to foster sustainable, locally led disaster preparedness, response and recovery initiatives within communities worldwide.

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