Dromedary to Release Music for Haiti

Charity compilation of independent music. So, you’re in a band and have songs people would pay to hear (good cause or not)? Read more…

We’ve all seen the devastation and (hopefully) given what we can to help. There are relief funds food drives and that handy text service from the US Government. You know the one. Texting “Haiti” to 90999 deducts $10 from your phone bill which is donated to the Red Cross.

Well, let’s say you’ve done that (or you didn’t, I don’t judge) and you want to do more. Let’s say you’re in a band and have songs you think people would pay to hear (good cause or not). Well, are you in luck.

Dromedary Records is putting together a compilation of songs to benefit disaster relief in Haiti through the group Voice of Haiti. If you want to be a part of this, contact them directly either on their website or on facebook.

Be a part of the solution. Hurry up and help today. Dromedary is looking to release this compilation very, very soon.

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