Playboy Model Attacked By Big Bad Wolf

Arianny Celeste, who had dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, was attacked by The Big Bad Wolf who earlier had been attacked by a Werewolf.

Posted by Arianny shortly after the incident (photo from

This unlikely series of events has left the lovely Playboy covergirl scared and demonic. Still frightfully hot, Arianny could have a fine career in the world of horror fetish modeling.

Hopefully though, it won’t have to come to that.

“The whole thing started when The Big Bad Wolf showed up late to the party,” claims one witness. “He was acting strange and his eyes looked downright evil.”

The rivalry between the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood is well known. However, thanks to years of therapy, the wolf has been able to live a quiet, normal life with no desire to eat little girls dressed in red. So what changed?

More than one witness described the wolf’s appearance as evil. One saying, “Sure he was always a trouble maker. He’s a wild animal after all. But this was different.” Another party goer said, “I’ve known him since college and he didn’t even recognize me.”

Officials would discover that the Big Bad Wolf had an earlier run in with a local Werewolf. Although that creature has not been found or identified, this would explain the change in Arianny’s eyes after her attack.

Arianny in happier times (photo from

The fate of The Big Bad Wolf is now in the hands of the law. Experts are expecting he’ll be found not guilty by reason of werewolf attack. It’s a rare but effective defense.

As for Arianny’s future, doctors are saying it actually looks bright. They say a full recovery is very likely. All she really needs is the support of her family, friends, and fans.

You can help by visiting her website. Following her on Twitter and Facebook. Watching her on UFC: Ultimate Insider. Getting the latest issue of Playboy (on newsstands now).

This attack may have had a happy ending, but what of future attacks? Who will be the next victim? Let’s just hope we never have to answer that.

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