Dromedary’s 2010 CMJ Showcase

A fantastic night of music at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. Featuring Shirk Circus, Jenifer Convertible, Stuyvesant, and The Mommyheads.

Of the corporate music conventions that have come and gone over the years, it’s the one from CMJ (College Music Journal) that seems to be the most genuine. No, I’m not referring to the convention portion with over-priced registration fees and near impossibility of being noticed. I’m talking about the many showcases themselves.

Aside form the pointless hobnobbing, the CMJ Music Marathon remains a time when you’re more likely than not to see some fantastic bands perform. Some you may know, some you may not. Much of the reason for this is the ever-expanding nature of the convention itself. Not only taking in new music, but allowing for showcases outside the boundaries of NYC.

Dromedary Records CMJ Showcase
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Case in point, this past October 22nd at Maxwell’s (1039 Washington St, Hoboken). It was a night presented by indie music champions Dromedary Records and featured a who’s who of the classic 90s New Jersey music scene.

They all brought their own brand of wonderful to the stage, making me long for those times when the future seemed bright for original, inventive indie rock. It seems to me that a lot of bands are coming out of retirement (or long hibernation) lately.

Is it out of a need for good music? A selfish cure for boredom? Some mid-life crisis kinda thing? Really, who cares? As long as they continue to make the music we love.

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