Get Out & Vote, It’s Our Only Hope

The time has come to take back our democracy

More accurately it’s time to start one in the first place. If the recent actions of our president don’t get your lazy, bloated ass off the couch and down to the polls on November 2, 2004 nothing will!

The time has come to take back our democracy

More accurately it’s time to start one in the first place. If the recent actions of our president don’t get your lazy, bloated ass off the couch and down to the polls on November 2, 2004 nothing will!

More than ever we need to ask ourselves, is this man truly out of his mind? Are the people who get paid mega-bucks (our taxes by the way) to advise him insane as well? Isn’t there anyone in his cabinet that can say, “Hey, uh Georgie boy … I think you need to step back and think before declaring that you want to amend the constitution in order to suit your moral wants.” I just don’t think he realizes that not everyone in the US is a white, straight, wealthy, homophobic, Christian gun-owner from Texas!

Understand me fully here; I’m not gonna get heavy on any issue but one. Freedom! Like it or not, Bush’s recent actions can and will directly affect our personal freedoms. It may not be obvious to those of you who don’t pay attention but since the federal appointment of the Bush administration (remember, he lost the popular vote), we have seen our freedoms of expression, religion and lifestyle drowning in the thick gravy of what our government perceives as decency. Things have shifted into high gear since the emergence of Janet Jackson’s tit at this year’s super bowl.

And what exactly is decency? The dictionary tells us that it is the conformity to standards of taste, propriety or quality. Another definition claims that decencies are conditions or services considered essential for a proper standard of living. Hmmmm, these are very vague. In fact, there is no definition clear enough to even hold up in a court of law. This is why you rarely see cases of decency that were initiated by the government brought before a judge, let alone make it to a jury.

For example; Bush feels that same-sex marriages are indecent; I feel that the Catholic Church covering up cases of child molestation by its priests is indecent. Members of his cabinet feel that an exposed breast on television is indecent; I feel lying about why we’re killing innocent children while carpet-bombing a defenseless city in an unjust and illegal war is indecent.

I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on when it comes to marriage, guns, gays, pro-life, pro-choice, war, jobs, porn, football or peanut butter for that matter. My philosophy is that if you don’t steal, hurt or kill, then go ahead and do what- and whom- ever the hell you want. I do however care very much what side of the fence you’re on when politicians try to legislate morality. Face it people, once we bestow that liberty upon the president and congress everyone is a potential victim.

Remember, this is how every great dictator has begun. Telling the people it’s for their own good and the good of the society to hush up this or cover up that. To keep our minds fresh and our souls safe, they’ll then chop away a little more freedom here, a few more rights there. Before you know it, we’re so controlled that we forget what it means to be free.

You may think that you’re living a perfect enough life. Clean, wholesome, productive. Then one day the government decides that a certain radio program will need to be silenced. Then some books will need to be removed from schools. Then cable television will need to clean up its act. And so on …

Radical? Dramatic? Not really. Look around you. Read the Papers. It’s already happening. And if you think it can’t get any worse … just read your history books.

There is still a chance for us to take back our freedom. VOTE! Vote in every election, not just the Presidential election. Change has to come from the bottom up in this country because the top is too corrupt and detached from our foundation.

It’s shameful. Americans are some of the most vocal protesters in the world, yet we have the lowest voter turnout. Our president spouts the virtues of democracy to the world in an effort to convert everyone to democracy. The irony is that our presidential election is not based on democracy (again … he lost the popular vote).

Like it or not, America is not a true democracy. Yes, the states, cities, schools and so on are democracies, but not the country as a whole. America is a Republic made-up of little democracies. Come on now you already know this, even if you don’t know you know it. We were taught it from when we were school children. Remember “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands” yada yada yada.

Anyway, the Presidential election has never been decided by popular vote. It is decided by a system known as the Electoral College.

To understand how our presidential electoral system works, you should read ‘A Brief History of the Electoral College’ by William C. Kimberling, former Deputy Director FEC Office of Election Administration (PDF format). It’s filled with historical references including scary comparisons to the Roman Empire and the Vatican as well as intelligent arguments both for and against.

One thing is certain. The Electoral College and the antiquated 2 party system have proven to be effective in keeping voter turnout down. Due mainly to the fact that people feel that their vote is simply not as valuable as it should be.

The only way to change this is to get out and vote en mass!! Let them know that we mean business.

  • Vote Republican!
  • Vote Democrat!
  • Vote Disney!
  • Whatever … just vote!

So if you’re not registered … REGISTER!!
There’s no excuse. Our government makes it very easy to register. You can do it at the DMV, city hall, a county clerk’s office, Army recruitment offices, some libraries and online resources like these and more:

  • Rock The Vote
  • The League of Women Voters
  • The Federal Election Commission

Of course if you are registered already … VOTE!!
Until you do, get that flag off your car, untie that yellow ribbon and don’t even think about agreeing or disagreeing with anything our country is doing.

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