Computer Knows it’s Christmas Time

Well a couple of days late, but still … After backing up files and restarting my trusty PC, I noticed that my screensaver suddenly had a candy-cane stripe new pattern.

So there I was, cleaning out the old hard drive, backing up files and generally taking care of all that stuff we wait a year to do. Once finished, my trusty PC alerted me to restart my computer. Not wanting to argue with technology (it only brings headaches) I complied.

Upon restarting, my screensaver suddenly had a new pattern. A candy-cane stripe had replaced the old camouflage pattern I had been using for months. Is this a Christmas miracle? Nah, probably not. But pretty cool though. I think I’ll leave it for a few more days. It reminds me of peppermint. Mmmm … peppermint.


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