9/11: Twenty Years Later

It’s been twenty years and it seems the best we can do is say, “Never Forget.” We can do better.

Twenty Years
I want this to be my final angry anniversary post. I tell myself this every year, but I always find myself back here. So, let me rant just once more. Then it’s time to move onward, upward, forward. At least that’s the plan.

The memories of that day are burned on my soul. I can see it happening whenever I close my eyes. I can feel the anger, the sorrow now as if I was there again. And for most of the time that has passed, I seethed over the rantings of conspiracy theorists and deniers who spit on the memory of those lost. Now? It’s the hypocrisy of the “Never Forget” patriots who have no idea what the words mean as they spit on the very fabric of decency and kindness.

The cruel truth is:

“Never Forget” means nothing.

“Never Forget” is a tee-shirt.

“Never Forget” is a bumper sticker.

“Never Forget” is a feel-good meme we drag out every year like any other “Happy New Year” or “Merry Christmas” to make us feel better about the fact that we have actually forgotten.

Don’t come at me with “Never Forget” if you ignore the needs, the health, the well-being of your neighbors.

Don’t cry about the past if you’re unwilling to build a future.

Don’t fly your flag if you work to deny the rights of others.

For TWENTY fucking years I’ve struggled with this day. Not only because of the friends I lost, but because of the country we’re losing.

This is not America.

Trampling on women’s rights?

Slamming the doors on those in peril?

Refusing to take even the smallest steps to rid us of a deadly virus?

Using the technology that Science has brought to spread lies about Science?

Storming the Capital and smearing shit on the walls?

And after all that telling me to “Never Forget” 9/11?


If this past year and a half has taught me anything, it’s that most of you don’t know what ‘Never Forget” means.

It’s time to figure it out or we as a people are DOOMED.

As for me? I’ll do my best to restore hope in a better future.

Live a good life.

Help others in need.

Take the time to learn.

Keep family, friends, AND total strangers SAFE.

And next year? A more positive recap of the year gone by.

Fingers crossed

As always I leave you with love, hugs, peace, and this year; hope.

Hope that as we journey on thru this life, we’ll figure out how to live it together.

“Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.”


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