I Voted by Mail (2020)

Voting by mail is safe and not the first step to fraudulent elections.

Voting by mail has been getting a great deal of flack from certain political figures who are desperately trying to stay in power. The fact is (and has always been) that voting by mail is safe, secure and nothing new. Tens of millions of votes are cast every election by mail. The military. Americans living abroad. People unable to vote due to disabilities. And this year; A GLOBAL FUCKING PANDEMIC!!!

So yes. I voted. By mail. Well technically by dropping it off in a designated collection box at Hoboken City Hall, but it’s the same thing. I filled out a nifty li’l ol’ ballot and sent it on it’s merry way. It was easy.

Making it easier to vote is not some political trickery. Restricting access to voting is.

So, if you haven’t voted yet, please do in whatever way you’re most comfortable. The most important thing is to vote and have your voice heard!

It’s the American way, or at least it should be.