Deep-Fried Beer

Mark Zable is a man of many talents. Most important of these being his invention of a fried Guinness and dough concoction.

Deep-Fried Beer

Mark Zable is a recruiter. He is a 12-year veteran of human resources. He has worked for such leading corporations as Bear Sterns and JC Penny. He has invented Deep-Fried Beer. He has … wait … what was that last thing?

That’s right, Mr. Zable is also a culinary inventor. Having previously conjuring delights like chocolate-covered strawberry waffle balls and jalapeño corndog shrimps, he then set his sites on combining two base favorites. Fried snacks and beer.

He did just that by taking some Guinness, placing it inside a pocket of salty, pretzel-like dough and dunking it in oil at 375° for about 20 seconds. That’s just short enough for the beer to remain alcoholic and long enough for the dough to get all crispy.

When bitten into, the hot beer mixes with the dough a delicious taste sensation. Or so I’ve heard. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this yet. I think a trip to Zable’s home in Texas is in order, don’t you? It’s as good a reason as any to travel.

Oh and by the way, Zable won last year’s Texas state fair fried food competition was a recipe for deep-fried butter.

Plus, he’s a photographer.

Can you say Renaissance Man?

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