Hoboken: One Year & Hundreds Of Photos

Over 1,400 images make up this touching year-long retrospective of Hoboken, NJ. Don’t blink. I’m in there. Maybe you are too.

Perhaps while spending time in the bars of Hoboken, you saw a lovely young lady snapping off photos thru the night. If so then you may find yourself in this touching montage.

It’s the work of my talented friend Jennifer Figarola and it really choked me up (even before I realized I’m actually in there). And I wasn’t the only one. Over the last couple of days, I’ve heard from many friends who said this video — effectively set to the song ‘Left and Leaving’ by The Weakerthans — brought them to tears.

Spanning a large part of 2010, the over 1,400 images show harsh industrial exteriors, warm friendships and the changing of the seasons. And with so many images racing by at 1/5 of a second each, at times you’d swear it was stop action animation.

Are you in there? Don’t blink or you may miss something.

The rapid-fire nature of this piece seems to speak to the very core of Hoboken. It is a city in a constant state of change thanks to the long shadows of Manhattan business. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up. And the song chosen as the soundtrack also speaks to that, even though The Weakerthans are Canadian. But I suppose that overwhelming feeling of flux is a reality no matter where you live.

Ultimately for me, it’s all about the people. The many smiling faces and amazing characters that make the stories of our lives special each and every day. There are a lot of good times crammed into this 4:46 treat. I’m so beyond glad that Jennifer took the time to create and occasionally hand off her camera to be a part of this wonderful time capsule.

I know I speak for many a Hobokenite when I say … thank you.

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