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Spending over forty five times what you collect has got to be bad for business

Spending forty five times what you collect is bad for business

I am not one those “Fuck the RIAA Music is Free” hippies that encourages pirating. As a musician and writer, I happen to believe in the sanctity of copyright laws and the right of the recording industry and artists alike to protect their property and livelihood.

However, I do think the overzealous litigation by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) against pirating is wrong and will be their financial undoing.

According to a recent post on the blog Recording Industry vs The People, over the last few years the RIAA spent $64,000,000 in legal and investigative fees to only recover around $1,400,000 in damages. Now I’m no business whiz kid, but I would think that spending over forty five times what you collect has got to be bad for business. Plus this only makes them look more like the bloated bullies everyone thinks they are.

Truth is, this type of litigation only tends to make consumers resent the RIAA more and inspires them to find new ways to steal music. Many indie labels and bands have figured out how to handle pirates by simply making free versions available. Besides, the money has never been in album sales. It comes from live shows and merchandising.

The record industry has shifted to where the album is the hook to get people to shows. The RIAA is not long for this earth not because of any imagined evil that protesters have superimposed upon them. Rather, their end will come when they bankrupt themselves trying to save a dying business model.

If you really feel the need to protest against the RIAA, support your favorite bands. Buy what you can directly from them and/or go to shows.

Stealing music may be a burden on the industry, but worse than that it takes food from the musicians’ mouths. Keep that in mind the next time you find a new torrent site filled with your favorite music.

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