Top Five 2010 Hoboken Happenings

2010 was a crazy year. When I was asked to come up with a Top Five list, it seemed that my choices were many, but my final decision was obvious (to me).

Top Five 2010 Hoboken Happenings

Jim Testa of Jersey Beat and The Jersey Journal recently asked me to come up with a list of five outstanding things for 2010. Album, live show, new band, whatever. I decided to go with the most significant events of the year. Not just based on the scope of the nights themselves, but on the significance of what they stood for.

Hoboken is a great town with an (at times) unfortunate nightlife reputation. For too long now, it has had this reputation of having more bars than you could shake a frat boy at. But in 2010, certain events helped to define Hoboken as a great live-music town.

Read more at It starts out with a really cool interview.

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