The First Woman On The Moon?

Help Tammy Camp get to the Moon and you could win a trip to anywhere on Earth

How cool is this? Not only does entrepreneur, adventure traveler, and kiteboarding World Record holder Tammy Camp want to be the first woman on the moon, she wants to reward you for helping her get there. Here’s the scoop. Simply design an image of Tammy on the moon (or in space) and post it on her Facebook Fan Page. She will pick a winner and give that lucky person 25,000 miles to travel anywhere on Earth!

My entry. Neat, huh?

Is this just some crazy pipe dream? Some scheme to get attention? That’s what I thought at first, but Tammy makes some convincing arguments on her site that a trip to the moon is not all that far fetched. She points to the rapidly changing technology and privatization of space travel as proof.

Tammy catching major air in El Coche, Venezula

It takes a certain strength of character and spirit to start successful businesses or break records. Tammy has done both. So it seems fitting that she’d set her sights on conquering the Moon. Check out Tammy’s website to lean more about this impressive woman who I now think can definitely make this impressive goal happen.

And don’t forget about the contest. Maybe you won’t make it to the moon, but winning a trip to Anywhere on Earth is pretty sweet!

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